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a better you, one page at a time.


What They Are Saying...

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Meghan VanArsdalen, Actress

The Self-Mastery Journal has enhanced my mindset and sense of purpose. Starting my day journaling reinforces my commitment to myself and helps narrow in on specific goals. Writing down affirmations and things I’m thankful for immediately opens my heart and shifts my thinking into a positive gear.

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Andy Isom, Entrepreneur

Impressed with the quality of this journal right off the bat. What really stands out to me with this journal is the simplified format and the quality. It makes it easy to use (for anyone) without taking up too much time. Adding it into my morning and evening routines has given me a sense of clarity and motivation. Highly recommend.

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Chris Irvin, Researcher/Writer

The Self-Mastery Journal has really improved my attitude. It helps me start my day on the right foot, putting me in a better mindset to attack the challenges for the day. It's foundational to my morning routine. It helps me reflect and learn from my thoughts and actions that day

Mental Clarity

Brain scans have shown that journaling is a powerful tool to transform an unrefined vision into clear steps.


Research shows that daily goal setting increases your odds of accomplishing tasks by over 42%!


Practicing gratitude effectively increases happiness while simultaneously reducing stress & anxiety.

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Success Habits

Successful outcomes are a result of successful behavior. Identify your ideal behaviors and watch yourself become your best self.

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a better you, one page at a time.

My Journey











From unhappily employed to relentlessly pursuing my dreams.

I found myself, post Master's degree, working a job that 1) didn't provide the lifestyle I desired and 2) didn't fulfill me. 

After months of stressing over "what am I going to do with my life" & also finding out we were expecting our second child, I thought to myself, "how will I be able to teach my kids to be courageous enough to pursue their dreams if I'm not living that myself?"

It was at this moment I knew a shift needed to occur.

From that point on I have decided to bet on myself, which has lead me to creating the Self-Mastery Bundle, hosting the Realizations with Dallen Reber Podcast, & running the Self-Mastery Alliance to help others like you experience the same paradigm-shift that I experienced.

Long story short, throughout my time of deep self-discovery, I discovered how powerful journaling is (when done correctly) on not only your mindset but your actions and I'm committed to helping others find mastery through journaling.

I now live a life of purpose-driven action, fulfillment and priorities; family first, always. Plus,  time to live life on my own terms - You can too.

Thanks for being here - Feel free to connect on social (always happy to chat), follow along with the podcast, or begin your transformation via the Self-Mastery Journal and/or the Self-Mastery Alliance.

Much Love! 


"My life changed when I realized it's not about what I do for a living, rather, who I become in the process."

Dallen Reber

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