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5 Reasons Self-Talk is Good For You

“Make the best of what you have and believe in yourself enough that you can take advantage of it” – Joey Doughty

Selt-talk, is it all it’s cracked up to be?

How often do you find yourself saying things like:

  • I wish I could _______.

  • I want to do that but I never could.

  • Someday I would like to do ___ but right now I don’t have time.

How you speak to yourself matters.

I hate to break it to you but these are all excuses. Even further, they are made up by none other than yourself.

Here’s how you can overcome this:

5 Reasons Self-Talk is Good For You

  1. Self-talk augments cognitive behavior.

    1. Science has actually looked at how your brain performs under positive & negative self-talk scenarios. This may come as a shocker, but you’re more likely to perform well on a test while speaking to yourself positively than you are if you speak to yourself in a negative way.

  2. Self-encouragement improves performance

    1. Not only does your mental performance improve, but your physical as well. Going into “battle” with positive self-talk builds confidence that results in improved physical performance.

  3. Talk yourself down

    1. By this I mean that you’re able to talk yourself down from negative emotions. “Talk yourself off the ledge”, if you will. This is how you respond to negative emotions.

  4. Emotional self-control

    1. The prior point is all about how you respond to negative emotions, whereas, emotional self-control is the ability to avoid detrimental emotions in the first place.

  5. Reinforces memory

    1. You’re more likely to remember something when practicing self-talk. It doesn’t have to be out loud. Reinforcing positive emotions and confidence compounds over time to instill these attributes into your mind, and therefore, your mental, physical, and emotional performance.

Here’s the thing, the more aware you are of your thoughts the more you’ll understand how they are impacting you.

Yes, that means you need to think about your thoughts.

Give it a shot and see how it impacts your performance!

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