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The One Thing You Need But Fear

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Invaluable but terrifying.


What’s the Point of Accountability?

To have something or something help you achieve your goals. As simple as that.

So why is it scary? Because this means you have to put in the work if you accept it.

It requires a change, and change can be hard.

Accountability can come in many forms

  • App

  • People

  • Notebook

  • Public accountability

  • Etc..

Accountability increases your chances of accomplishing the goal by 65%.

Even further, if you have a regular meeting with someone holding you accountable your odds increase by 95%.

Momentum gained from accountability is momentum that can be sustained.

Accountability requires responsibility.

It requires that you identify strategies and steps and then accept the responsibility required to actually do them.

So who/what can help you with accountability?

  • Streaks App

  • Notebook

  • Friends & Family

  • If you have an audience online you can use public accountability by sharing what you are striving for.

  • Mentorship: Doesn’t have to be a paid mentorship or a course

    • Books

    • Podcasts

    • Articles

Accept the responsibility and accountability to achieve your goals.

Take some time now to think about your goals, are they the same as they were a year ago?

If yes, it’s not the skills that are inhibiting you from achieving them, rather, it might be the accountability.

If you’re interested in learning more check out this podcast episode!

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