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Change Your Environment, Change Your Life

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Misconception: You change your life via pure willpower.

Willpower = Motivation

Motivation is fleeting; some days you have it, other days you don’t. Willpower might be a good initiator, but it’s not a reliable source of change.

How do you establish real change then?

Probably the most effective way is through altering your environment.

You might not have control over everything that happens on a day-to-day basis, but you do have complete control over your environment.

You change your life by changing your environment; make it easier for yourself to make the right decisions that propel you forward.

How do you do this?

Your environment:

  • The people you surround yourself with.

    • Do the people you spend time with support your positive shifts?

  • The content you consume.

    • Do you consume uplifting and educational content frequently?

  • The availability of positive habits.

    • Do you create an atmosphere at home/work that would help making positive changes easier?

These are all important questions to ask yourself when beginning the journey of constant improvement.

And yes, changes may need to be made:

  • Altering who you spend time with may be difficult, but is it necessary?

    • Maybe you don’t have to ditch everyone, but what communities (online, even) can you be a part of to help you in the process.

  • Content consumption can be difficult. With access to social platforms it’s easy to waste time going down the instagram rabbit hole.

    • How can you limit mindless content consumption and replace it with quality content? Idea: Place books around the house to make them more accessible.

  • In regards to positive habits, lower the barrier to entry.

    • Want to workout every morning? Set your close out the night before and put them on as soon as you’re done brushing your teeth.

Control your environment, control your life.


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