Self-Mastery Bundle

Self-Mastery Bundle

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Realizations Self-Mastery Bundle [2-Pack] | Gratitude Meets Productivity | Happiness Made Simple | Bundle Includes 13-Week Self-Mastery (Daily) Journal + 52-Week Habit-Tracker (Weekly) Journal | Ocean Blue


    Weekly direction plus daily clarity is a modern-day superpower. The goal with this bundle is to simplify the process so you can maximize your results.

    The big issue with our competitors is this: I'ts overcomplicated. And because of this, goals get lost in the mix. 

    Set weekly habits & goals using the Habit-Tracker Journal. Then, using it's perforated pages, tear it out and place it where it will be seen (mirror, fridge, bookmark for Self-Mastery Journal).

    Then use your Self-Mastery Journal as your daily sidekick. Maximize efficiency by setting daily goals, gain confidence through a daily affirmation, thrive in the moment with daily gratitude, find mental clarity & purpose with the daily prompts, & learn from your past using our simple daily reflection questions.

    It's a simple 3-5 minute process that will seemlessly fit in to your already-busy schedule, ultimately allowing you to learn from the past, build your future, all while thriving in the moment.

    "If nothing changes, nothing changes." - Now is your time to commit.


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